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Brandi Turner – Office Manager and Program Director











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Jonathan Carr – Afternoon Show DJ Weekdays 3:30-6:00 PM













Not Pictured:

Timothy Johnston – Weekend DJ and Board operator

Grady Turner – Owner



 Thunder 104.3 FM is built on the foundation of better radio for a better community. Our ultimate goal is to provide our communities with the best programming possible. With that attitude, we will strive to establish positive relationships and build the highest credibility with our listener-ship. We believe trust produces good will, which will form the ultimate bond with our communities. We know how difficult it is to cultivate such relationships and know it will take time; nevertheless, we will strive relentlessly to make this radio station yours. We believe to build a better radio station it takes knowing the heart beat of the communities we serve. With such a deep rooted foundation in place, we believe we will be “The Best Community Radio Station” in North Georgia.